XCy Introduce RADiCS

XCy Introduce RADiCS

August 15,2018

XCy has designed, manufactured and installed its latest product, the Remote Area Digital Communication System (RADiCS), to extend high speed data to clients operating in remote locations.

The RADiCS will interface to the public telecommunication system (e.g. mobile 4G or NBN networks) providing access to cost effective data plans and speeds of up to 100Mbps. The RADiCS is powered by solar with battery backup and can extend communications to remote sites several hundred kilometres from the telecommunications network.

RADiCS can also provide a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) voice network to the area surrounding each RADiCS installation, providing enhanced communication and safety for remote workers.

RADiCS is designed and manufactured in Australia from high quality materials and utilizes equipment from leading radio system suppliers such as Hytera. RADiCS can be configured to meet a variety of communication and configuration requirements. The RADiCS is ideal for mining companies, research facilities, cattle stations or other clients needing reliable high speed remote communication.

XCy will sell, install, monitor and maintain the RADiCS to provide peace of mind at a budget that suits. Lease options are also available.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion of how RADiCS can benefit your business.



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