Cost-effective Wide Area Network implementation linking multiple remote sites.

THE CHALLENGE: Poseidon Nickel maintains mining operations at three remote sites in WA and required cost-effective communications to all sites from their head office located in Perth. Each remote site has limited or no available terrestrial communications carrier infrastructure.

THE SOLUTION: All three remote operations were linked into Poseidon Nickel’s corporate IT systems with a Wide Area Network provided using a combination of service providers, carriers and technologies as available. These include a dedicated SCPC Satellite System into the terrestrial ‘black hole’ at Lake Johnston, Telstra microwave services at Windarra and Black Swan, and WAN communications optimisation provided by Riverbed appliances. The use of the services already available at each site, and integration of disparate communications services across the entire network provides Poseidon Nickel with the most cost-effective solution available. XCy continues to manage and maintain the Poseidon network and is actively involved in the planning and design for enhancements to the network as Poseidon’s operational requirements evolve.