Systems are key to productivity

XCy can demonstrate how the right operational systems can increase the productivity of two of your most valuable assets: employees and data (business and process).

Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed the delivery of software to portable devices, bringing with it the benefits of application integration and continuous development without the need to purchase upgrades on an ongoing basis. Client-Server architecture retains customer-specific benefits such as in-house control, onsite security, and customization to specific business requirements.

Whether your challenge is migrating from Client-Server to SaaS, getting the most out of your existing system, implementing new software, upgrading hardware, or sharing data across systems, the highly skilled XCy team will be there to support you.

Project management approach

The success of any software project is frequently determined not by the hardware or software itself, but by how it is implemented. Software project management is unlike any other type of project management. When management lacks expertise or knowledge, the potential for cost and time overruns is limitless.

XCy will collaborate with you to provide expert advice on major hardware and software solutions. We can project manage any part of the solution design and development, right through to the entire project. Alternatively, if you have a preferred software vendor, we can act as a systems integrator, providing independent and unbiased expertise to ensure you get what you pay for and that it integrates seamlessly with your other software and platforms.

XCy uses a variety of IT project management methodologies, including PRINCE2, PMBOK, and Agile – Scrum. This is supplemented by strong working relationships with suppliers and partners who contribute valuable expertise to these types of projects.

Business restoration and recovery must be completed as soon as possible.

Our business continuity services ensure the following:

XCy has the knowledge and experience to assist your company with any IT project or software development.

If you require assistance in dealing with a threat or ensuring business continuity, we are here to assist.

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