Communication Solutions

XCy specialise in communication solutions

Reliable wireless and radio communication services

XCy’s expertise spans the entire gamut of wireless digital and analogue communications technologies, including satellite services; microwave point to point; Digital Mobile Radio (DMR radio); two way radio systems (UHF & VHF); campsite or campus wireless and mobile solutions. We will integrate radio communications into your existing communication system and IT networks. Radio system engineering & construction services include radio design (path – terminals – antennas – cabling) incorporating radio repeaters and link redundancy. We offer competitively priced mast and tower civil design and installation with ACMA spectrum and apparatus licensing.


Monitoring solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created many opportunities for business who have the infrastructure to embrace the change. XCy deliver monitoring solutions for customers implementing real time monitoring of their mobile and stationary fleet of equipment (e.g. generators, trucks, machinery and remote monitoring stations).  Monitoring and control solutions can be integrated into a variety of communications networks (e.g. radio, satellite, wireless networks or optic fibre) and are suitable for a broad array of environments including commercial buildings, healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, industrial facilities and mine sites. Our Engineers can develop bespoke solutions for your specific needs. Our goal is to work with you, your existing service providers and our partners to deliver the most cost effective communication system for your business.

Standalone high speed data product

XCy has developed a standalone high speed data and voice over Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) product for extending communications to remote locations. The product has been designed for harsh environments, is remotely monitored and powered by a robust solar and battery storage system integrated with the radio repeater and tower. The system will interface mainstream mobile network, integrate with minesite systems and provides high quality extended range site based voice communications through Hyterra radio handsets. This product is ideal for mining companies, research facilities and cattle stations. If your operation needs the security and safety afforded by a robust radio communication system then call us today.

Equipment Leasing, Maintenance and Repair

XCY is your only stop for all communication hire requirements

XCY will lease or hire equipment ranging from two-way radios, wireless links, Internet, website hosting, phone systems, to networking equipment.
Our engineering team are able to tailor the solution for your event or short term communication requirements.
We will work with you, your existing service providers, and our partners to deliver cost effective cyber IT solutions and communication services for your business.

Servicing all makes and models of two way radio

XCY service leading makes and models of two way radio including brands like Tait, iCom, Motorola, Vertex, and many more, our in house technicians can repair and service. Remote site voice communications are critical to operational productivity and safety so have them serviced regularly on one of our maintenance plans.

Flexible Design, Installation and Maintenance Solutions

We sell, design, install and maintain radio solutions, including repeaters, tower or mast erection, in-vehicle mobile installation and handheld units.  All solutions are backed by our labour and parts warranty to provide peace of mind. For business requiring continued care we offer fast response and proactive maintenance programmes.

Our communication services portfolio includes:

General technologies and services:

Satellite, Mobile Data & Carrier services

Cabling (Optical/UTP/Coax)

NBN/xDSL/Bonded Ethernet

Wireless (WiFi/Microwave)

Radio (UHF Voice & Telemetry)

For harsh industrial and environmental conditions:

Industrial Ethernet for control systems

Power supply and power conditioning

Thermal management, cooling and ventilation

IP rated protection against dust and moisture

Ruggedised design for shock protection

Radio system Engineering & construction:

Radio design (path/terminals/antennas/cabling)

Radio repeaters and link redundancy

Mast and tower civil design and installation

ACMA spectrum and apparatus licensing

Tower/rope access for installation & maintenance

We’ll work with you to deliver cost effective solutions for all your communication needs.

communication services

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