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Sleep well knowing your business data is secure

Data – your most easily stolen asset

Modern threats place your digital identity, business data and IP at risk of theft, corruption or loss. IT security breaches can have significant impact on your business operations, your brand, your finances and those of your customers. When a physical asset is stolen or destroyed it is usually replaceable and it normally wont affect your customer.


It’s not just about hackers

There is a misconception that hackers are the number one cause of data breaches but the actual leading cause of data breaches – and often the most detrimental because it can disrupt business continuity – has been identified as unintentional human error.

Information security firm Shred-It’s survey of more than 1,100 businesses in Australia admitted that human error is a larger threat to information security than deliberate theft or sabotage by a third party.


XCy employ a multifaceted approach to security

XCy’s comprehensive cyber IT solutions aim at educating users and business managers, empowering your employees and your business with the skills to identify potential threats, and disarm any active agents before they are able to infect and compromise your systems.

We will educate staff to avoid your business becoming a victim, or unwilling perpetrator, of a data breach. We will review physical security, install surveillance and ensure your physical network is secure against unauthorized access. We can protect the business from possible breaches caused when staff travel to foreign locations and use non-secure networks. We will geo-block traffic from certain countries or sites if you don’t normally do business there. The first step in our plan is to understand your business operation and data security needs.

Protecting your Brand

The effect of data loss can extend beyond your business to that of your customers. For customers, the impact of a data breach is almost always irreconcilable. Based on a survey by the Australian Community Attitude to Privacy Survey (ACAPS) , conducted by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), 58 per cent of consumers said they would not deal with a business due to privacy or security concerns associated with data loss.


Notifiable Data Breaches

The country’s first data breach notification law – the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme – came into effect in 2018. Under the new law, any government agency, organisation or business with an annual turnover of $3 million or more in Australia that is covered by the Australian Privacy Act (1998) is obliged to notify individuals whose personal information is involved in a data breach, as soon as practicable after becoming aware of a breach.


cyber it solutions


Unified threat management tools

We partner with reputable and innovative software and service providers to provide powerful tools and technologies including Internet Firewall Security Appliances; Deep Packet Inspection; Email Anti-Spam protection; Endpoint Antivirus protection; Wireless security; Encrypted VPN services for protected remote access and Practical Security Policies and Procedures.

Business continuity and data backup

Your data is critical to your business operations. If your data is lost, corrupted or locked, then your business stops unless you have planned ahead of time for this contingency.

XCy will provide business continuity planning to get your systems and business running again. Fast! We can provide total data protection and make your business secure and instantly restorable using virtual cloud data and Virtual Machine (VM) servers.

Continuity planning considers a number of possibilities. If a virus gets in and your data gets encrypted by ransomware, we will restore from a recent clean data set. No ransom to pay. If a server or storage fails, we will get you running again on a failover server. If theft, fire or flood destroy your on-premises systems, we can restore your business systems from the cloud.


Rapid business restoration & recovery

Our business continuity services provide the following assurances:
Local protection against data loss
Cloud protection against disaster
Flexible data archive options
Restoration of data, applications and entire VMs
Rapid VM failover
Controlled/capped internet backup data traffic flow
Minimal  data loss from big failures
Minimal downtime to recover from disasters
The ultimate protection from ransomware


Our Privacy and Security solutions will safeguard your business from IT disasters, human error, and malicious activity.



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