THE CHALLENGE: Kalium’s Beyondie Lakes Sulphate of Potash mine site is spread over a large geographical area on the edge of the Little Sandy Desert with no available communications infrastructure (apart from available satellite services). Kalium needed a communications system with network services including wireless LAN at all pump and bore sites and a 2-way radio system with a cover over the entire operational area. The system
also needed to be upgradable and accommodate a much higher capacity of services and dataflow as the mine develops into operation.

THE SOLUTION: XCy designed and installed a 2-hop microwave system covering 80km of rough and remote terrain to link the Beyondie site into Telstra’s network. Each repeater site includes a communications tower and a weather-proof shelter and is self-contained with battery-backed solar power and 24/7 remote monitoring. Each tower site includes a repeater for digital mobile radio (DMR) 2-way radio system with effective voice communications provided to vehicles up to 50km from either repeater. Radios were also programmed and provided for personal use and fitted to site vehicles. In addition, a mesh of communications links has been provided to link Wireless Access Points provided at each bore and pump site – so personnel have full access to all Internet services to maintain effective communications for safety and operational needs when in-field. All system components are rated for industrial application with high resilience to environmental extremes.