Fortinet Receives NSS Labs Recommendation

Fortinet Receives NSS Labs Recommendation

August 15,2018

XCy partner with and recommend the best available products to our clients.  When it comes to network security it is very important to obtain third party independent verification to ensure you are not relying upon Supplier’s own claims of performance. This is where independent organisations like NSS Labs are important. They are the World’s leading security product testing laboratory and they are focused exclusively on IT security. How might they test something as complex as IT security products?

Check out the matrix below:

HOW NSS RATES PRODUCTS: Understanding the NSS Labs Security Value Map

X-AXIS: 3 year TCO per protected unit of measure (Megabit per second, Connection per second)
Y-AXIS: Security Effectiveness (block rate)

Upper-right: “Recommended”, products that provide an above average level of security effectiveness and value for money
Lower left: “Caution”, products that offer below average value and security effectiveness
Upper left/Lower Right: “Neutral”, may still be worthy of consideration depending on budget limitations.

So, what is the news?

Fortinet has earned a recommendation in the first ever NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test and achieves the highest VoIP quality of Experience and the best value (TCO) among all 9 vendors. In addition, Fortinet is the only recommended vendor with security rating, blocking 100% of all evasions.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Highest Quality of Experience for Voice even During Brownout Conditions Achieving the best QoE score of 4.38 for voice and high score of 4.26 for video
  • Excellent VPN Performance – Delivered VPN throughput of 749 Mbps
  • Native NGFW Security – Blocking 100% of evasions and achieving 99.9% security effectiveness
  • Best Value (TCO ) – Among 10 vendors, Fortinet scored the best TCO of $5.00

To find out more about the methodology and comparison to other supplier products, read the attached brochure.

Brochure: NSS Lab Independent Validation

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