With XCy's engineered solutions, you can reinvent the foundation of your business.

XCy can deliver fully Engineered and customised IT and communications services when standard off-the-shelf or commercially available services do not meet your needs. This is a key differentiator between what XCy and other ICT service providers offer.

Lightweight or “on the fly” designs are common for any cost-conscious business and are ideal for simple projects with limited budgets. This approach is distinguished by rapid scope development, limited or concept-level documentation, and reliance on professional judgement and high-level planning. XCy Engineers are used to completing projects for customers in this manner.

If your project is complex, has multiple stakeholders, or is expected to last a long time, XCy employs a more rigorous engineering methodology centred on highly consultative planning, design, and project management. Many larger businesses and ASX-listed companies require this engineering methodology because they require a higher level of project and design accountability and governance. We offer a staged design process, formal revision control, documentation review, and sign-off that will meet contractual quality and audit requirements.

Project Methodology

Our engineering design process will result in a Customer Requirements Brief, which will be used to develop a Detailed Scope of Works and inform the Detailed Design, which will include equipment and performance specifications, network diagrams, and cabling plans.

The Execution Plan, which determines the project’s resourcing, cash flow, and schedule, includes delivery milestones. The Bill of Materials will specify which parts and materials will be used, while a Test Plan will be developed to ensure that the design requirements are met to the client’s exacting specification and satisfaction at the end of construction.

Each document will define the roles and responsibilities of XCy and the client and will be managed using a Revision Control and Document Transmission Register. A Communications Plan will be agreed upon at the outset for projects with a large delivery team or interdependencies. Risk management is critical to the success of complex projects, and Issues, Risk, and Change Registers are used to track and manage these issues.

One of our Prince2 accredited project managers oversees all major projects.

Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology - (ICS / OT)

XCy prioritises the operational uptime of your facilities and we understand how important the underlying control systems are to the core business of these assets.

Our engineered services include industrial control systems integration, dewatering control, radio backhaul for remote weather and process monitoring, and SCADA. Our platform and system experience includes, but is not limited to, Moxa, Lantech, Cisco, Siemens, Motorola, Tait, RADAC, HPE, Crosswire, and multiple other vendors.

Our skilled engineers and designers can plan, design, and integrate operation control systems with traditional IT systems to ensure reliable and robust communications services for your ICS / OT environment.


Underground dewatering control systems audit, redesign 8 reinitialization –Poseidon Minerals – Lake Johnston, Windarra, Western Australia.

Underground communications- Sand-fire Degrussa Copper Project

Solar/Battery powered repeaters and high speed data network- Kalium Resources – Beyondie Radio System

Bore system link inter-connect audit and system redesign – Millenium Minerals, Nullagine, Western Australia.

Bore systems & de-watering with the BC Iron Nullagine Iron Ore joint venture.

Borefield water systems – Mineral Resources Limited, Shay Gap, Western Australia.

Building management/control sys-tems design – Northern Metropolitan Health Services– Perth Western Aus-tralia.

Processing mill control systems design and integration – Batatua Tembaga Raya Copper Project – Indonesia.

Electrical and power control system design review and auditing – New Crest Gold mine, Lihir – PNG.


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