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September 21,2016

Cost effective communications to remote LJO site

The Challenge:

Poseidon Nickel acquired the Lake Johnson operation in the Forrestania region of the south west of WA and the Black Swan operation in the WA Goldfields.

The Lake Johnston Operations was particularly challenging because it is located in the Forrestania-Esperance region of Western Australia in a communications ‘black hole’ with no available terrestrial cable or mobile services. As such delivery of communications services needs to be via satellite.  Satellite based services can be very expensive and presents a technical challenge for most IT services and support providers – especially for voice services.

In addition Poseidon needed to respond to a downturn in the Nickel industry by downsizing the staffing of the site and cutting costs wherever possible.

XCy supports the IT services and support for Poseidon Nickel across multiple sites and their head office. Part of the service requirement was to maintain corporate integration if the IT systems including seamless mobility so users can access their email and data between sites, and integration of voice services between sites.

The Solution:

Both operations were successfully migrated from the previous mine operator and integrated into Poseidon Nickel’s systems – with an effective migration and implementation of satellite and terrestrial fibre services linking the remote sites to Poseidon’s Subiaco head office.

To maintain a cost effective and reliable communications link to the Lake Johnston site whilst providing adequate capacity and performance, XCy partnered with Orion Satellite Systems to provide and tune a dedicated satellite SCPC link at the minimum cost.  Link data is optimised and compressed using Riverbed appliances. With the link bandwidth minimised to reduce satellite service costs, substantial effort was taken to test and optimise the link performance.

The Outcomes:

  • Communications services with adequate capacity and reliability were delivered to Lake Johnston.
  • Corporate integration of data and voice services maintained.
  • Satellite link costs minimised to meet Poseidon’s commercial requirements.

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