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September 21,2016

Cloud-Based IT Services Integration

The Challenge:

Delivery of IT services and support using desktop and client-server infrastructure has been the primary IT infrastructure model of most businesses for decades. This model has served well, but it has inherent limitations on scalability, accessibility, compatibility, licensing and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Typically desktop software such as MS Office and Server services such as Exchange are licenced individually, or may be part of other licence programs such as volume licensing.  Either way, the licenses are a valuable business asset and need to be managed. In addition many licence models only provide a limited upgrade path requiring ongoing time and expense to manage.  It is expensive to maintain well and can result in license compliance issues, version incompatibilities, and business changes being delayed or complicated by legacy systems and software.

Another example is with accounting, CRM or ERP systems – which are typical server-based services used by many employees from diverse locations.  With the client-server model both the client and server software need maintenance to upgrade/update as required, and access is only available where explicitly provided in the workplace or via VPN connection.

The Solution:

Cloud-based services such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are provided as a service from data centres via the Internet to wherever you and your staff are located. These services essentially centralise the infrastructure to provide the server software, service or infrastructure ‘in the cloud’.  The result is increased reliability and scalability, simpler management and (importantly) reduce maintenance costs.

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– Andrew Brownell

For example if your exchange server is provided as a cloud service, you don’t need a physical server, a rack to put it in or a UPS to power it. You don’t need to replace failed hard disks or schedule and manually update the server OS and exchange server.

Instead you just use your email and pay the monthly subscription. If your business grows you don’t need to replace the server (with a large capex) or buy and manage new client access licenses.  If it’s in the cloud you just increase you subscription count. Simple and effective.

Key points:

  • Cloud based IT.
    ‘Saas’ and ‘IaaS’ provide a scalable solutions without the need for hardware renewals.
  • Virtual applications.
    Citrix Xen-app provides flexible SaaS connectivity to business applications either as virtual apps or a full desktop experience.
  • Simplified Administration.
    Office 365 enables achievable role based administration of IT depending on business needs, including management of email, SharePoint and Office apps.
  • Flexible Office application licensing.
    Subscription based access to Office apps via Office 365 scales with the business needs.
  • Secure.
    Data centres are generally more secure than on-premises systems. And any communications thru the Internet is encrypted.

How can we help you?

XCy is an experienced cloud solutions service provider and IT integrator, offering IT services and support.
We have the vendor partnerships and engineered services to combine applications and services, either cloud based or on-premises, to make your IT systems work well for you.
Office 365, Citrix, Cloud Server Infrastructure – we do it all.



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