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BC Iron

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September 21,2016

Corporate IT Services and Support Provider & Business Partner

The Challenge:

BC Iron is a mid-tier iron ore miner and explorer with the usual requirements for effective, responsive and reliable IT services and support across multiple sites. Services include a full managed service agreement and installation and operation of all desktop, server, storage, LAN and Wireless LAN services, WAN services (Telstra, Point-to-Point private microwave, Satellite) and site radio systems (including UHF radio and repeater systems)

In response to a downturn in the iron ore industry there has been a requirement for BC Iron to downsize or close operations with significant changes to IT architecture to reduce or remove infrastructure, services and costs in a controlled manner.

The Solution:

XCy has worked closely with BC Iron to progressively reduce and remove services to reduce current and ongoing costs. The changes have included reduction or removal of licensing, site-based IT assets such as servers and storage, and third party services such as carrier links, decommissioning and storage of equipment.  This work has been done while maintaining minimal services as required for phased withdrawal from sites, and ensure that the architecture supports a subsequent ramp-up or startup of a new site without incurring excessive costs.

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